Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Gems of the Cascades - The Three Sisters and Broken Top
Cabin in Camp Sherman today - where I used to spend my summers
View across the Metolius River
Yep it's cold but we do know how to get around. I'm sure you've all seen the news clips of the car sliding into numerous others in Portland yesterday. The driver is a friend of my fathers and my neices happened to be there and witnessed the whole progression and called 911 - while the other Adults were busy calling thier insurance companies! Driver is OK - has huge gash on his head I hear. The girls comments were "The EMT's were so HOT!"

Portland panics in the snow. But here we are used to it.

The pictures above were all taken today - the mountains are my morning view while driving to work - too bad!!

Yes - I do knit....will have pictures soon. Am working on my STR socks FOR ME! And on a bright blue baby sweater - which is turning out toddler size - OK with me!

All is well!


Pat K said...

I did catch part of that clip. What a mess! Now I don't miss that part of the snowy weather. BTW, we may be getting a bit of snow ourselves on Thursday night.

Roxie said...

Stunning photos! All that snow really chills my winkles, though. Bless your brave heart!