Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was good!

Well...not exactly good - but maybe wise. I didn't spend my allocation! But actually that's because Woodland didn't have the Baby Ull I needed for my chosen project. So tomorrow I'll have to order it. It was definitly worth the drive to Carlton and then on to McMinnville to have a great lunch with my daughter. It isn't often that my sister and I get to spend a leisurely day together. The drive was beautiful through Oregon's lovely Willamette Valley.

But OFFF was great.....Met up with the PDXKnitbloggers and finally actually met in person Judy, karen, and Bobby. Roxie was there too - you should have seen her hat - adorned with a skein of lovely pink wool!

There was lots of interesting things to see, feel, pet....

As Roxie said - Blue Moon was a madhouse - so much so that I only snatched one thing. They were pretty low on stuff - even by 10:00 am and the booth was so crowded. I saw one fiend with at least 15 skeins in her arms!! OMG what a haul!

I must have been inspired by the Autumn - my color choices were definitely fall! STR for Socks. The Angora/Merino blend I'm thinking a scarf and fingerless gloves or maybe shawl - I have more. The "Brick" colorway from Pat Fly. I've sought her out before and she has great sock yarn....but this is for a Autumn Forest Canopy Shawl. I've got it started and am thinking it's a little 1950's grandma looking - but will get a little further before I decide. I also got a book of Christmas Stocking patterns - future reference!

All in all it was lots of fun, it was sort of overwhelming there were so many people. But it was a beautiful day! I drove home a different route rather than get on the freeway - it was beautiful. It was fun checking out little farming communities I've never been through. It's amazing you live in a place for over 50 years and haven't begun to see it all!

I had a great three day break - now tomorrow is a new job interview - I hate this stage!! But will go with confidence! Wish me luck!


Pat K said...

Lovely choice of yarn colors. I've noticed that I gravitate towards certain colors depending on the season as well. And here's wishing you good luck!

Mary, Mary... said...

That Brick colorway is sooo pretty. Good luck!

Julia said...

Best of luck, Julie! I'm sure you'll be great. Besides, that looks like lucky yarn!

Roxie said...

You should ace that interview! Do you want the job?

If your shawl is a bit too matronly, sew some kick-ass beads onto it. Or sequins. Or tie on a ribbon fringe. Too grandmotherly is easy to fix.