Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Thought Thursday

There has been much knitting and cruising for patterns here - I haven't chosen a baby gift pattern yet - there are way too many choices. But am loving a few of the Dale of Norway outfits here. I've always wanted to do a Dale of Norway - so this is a good way to start. I spent Tuesday cruising our LYS's -Gossamer and Juniper Fiberworks. Picked up a few things, including Knitting Workshop. Even though I had already ordered the pattern for the Baby Surprise Jacket from Schoolhouse Press - I was too anxious to get usual! So I started and ripped and started. I finally figured it out - but then saw Margene's comment on her post about matching decreases - makes perfect sense to me. So am considering ripping again and doing matching decreases - like for a raglan sleeve? I've got tons of stash to try this with so it's no big deal.
I also finished these socks while being discouraged at WW. I gained a friggin pound!!! I have not cheated, I have been below my points almost every day - have never used all of my bonus points...but am not drinking enough water and I struggle getting enough dairy and veggies every day....I just don't eat that much!! (But then why am I on this new regime?) But I will keep on trying. At the meeting there were three other knitters - cool!
Since I finished my WW socks - I'm back working on these...they are really wild. I seem to have a problem choosing a stitch pattern that is appropriate for the yarn....this is pretty busy. I just can't do plain jane socks. So in the future I'm going to only pick yarn that I have the correct pattern in mind.

Next week I'm trying to plan a mini yarn tour through the Willamette Valley. I've always wanted to go to Woodland Woolworks. It is only a few miles from where DD2 is going to school - so the plan was to go there first and then stop and take DD2 and roomie out to dinner and then head up to Portland. Do a few LYS's in Portland - including the latest - Twisted. I will stay with my Sister for a few days and attend a fund raising function for the Boys and Girls Aid organization that my mom was very involved in. Then on Saturday will be the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I'm definitely meeting up with Roxie and hopefully Judy and any other knitbloggers I can find. I'm really looking forward to this trip - because it will be my last opportunity for awhile because.......DRUM ROLL

It looks like my long awaited job is going to happen. We received a change of opinion from the county legal department, a positive opinion from the judge in our suit against the State of Oregon and best off all - unanimous approval by the county! Of course we still have a two week appeal process - but it seems doubtful that anyone will appeal at this point - we have too strong a plan and a beautiful development that will be a huge asset to the community!! I'm tickled to say the least. I'm still going for an interview for another opportunity when I get back. You never know and I don't want to burn my bridges! But it looks like things are looking up and I am so glad - I am getting bored. I 've learned that I will have to really work at some kind of productive projects if I ever retire. You can't just knit all day!!
Hey Pat - did you see the Today show this morning? It was all about your favorite place!! My favorite place was second! OK - you win this one!


Pat K said...

Nope, I was at work all day. Looks like you have plenty going for yourself right now! Wish I could come with you and Roxie, and would love to visit Woodland Woolworks as well. Have fun!

Roxie said...

Yayy! So glad the development is coming through! You'll be busy for quite a wile, so enjoy this wooly wandering. Really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday the 22nd!