Sunday, September 30, 2007

Empty House

Not much going on here - this is so weird for me - an empty house! It's become very apparent that I can never retire! The combo of no one to feed, clean-up after, launder,etc and not enough paid and productive work is really a boring situation! Don't have a feeling for the latest job interview - It would be good challenging and interesting work. They will let me know later this week. Have submitted a few other applications - one for at-home work (Perfect) and another for within walking distance (great!). So we shall see.

I have been trying to do a few of those put-off chores. Am very pleased with this result.

I hung a new towel rack in the laundry room - just for my socks!! I've stopped putting them in the dryer (they seem to last longer and look nicer) and this will work really well.

I've been working at restoring my Great Grandmothers wicker rocker. I found a professional restorer and have been assisting (very little actually) her and tomorrow I will begin the repainting process. Pictures when complete.

Naturally now with all this time on my hands I could be putting the garden to bed. But as usual the weather changed over-night. It's blustery and cold today. Plus I discovered that the dog has been helping clean up the garden - she's been digging up the carrots! Loves 'em! I swear this tree was green yesterday!. We even have fresh snow on the mountains!

Of course I have been knitting! Started the baby sweater - Baby Norgi - I'm loving it of course. The colors aren't quite as mutted as this picture. It's really cute.

Also am making progress on the latest Forest Canopy Shawl. I really love the pattern - interesting enough to keep you thinking, but easy to memorize. I'm still not sure this is the best colorway - it is so 60's. But as Roxie suggested there may be additional embelishments that would help- beaded fringe maybe? We'll have to see I guess.

Hope everyone is enjoying the change in season, it really is a beautiful time of the year!


Pat K said...

Your sock bar made me smile!

Roxie said...

Your new forest canopy is gorgeous. It's not 60s, it's retro and therefore VERY up-to-date! But if you wanted to add an occasional copper, or gold carry-along thread, that could work. Or even, when you are all done, sew autumnal-colored glass seed beads here and there for sparkle and flash. A beaded fringe might be kind of heavy.

Love those frosty dry mornings. Hope you get the job within walking distance. How cool!!