Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nothing to Show!

I have been trying to work out Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style - I am finally comfortable with reading and knitting the chart - i should be, as I've started it at least 10 times. Oh not with the same yarn mind you - that seems to be my problem. I bought something last winter -Jaeger Extra Fine Merino in a very pale pink - hated it - the yarn had no drape. So then I bought something else - KnitPicks Andean Silk in Lettuce. Love the yarn to knit with, drapes really well, super soft- but the pattern gets lost - not enough definition.....I give up. i did try different size needles - nothing satisfied me. Now I have to find something to do with these yarns. I investigated my stash recently and was appauled - I'm going to have to become a scarf diva - there are way too many choices. Not to mention sock yarn!

I did this on purpose (investigated) as you may remember I'm headed for the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend, as well as visits to some other yarn stores. Luckily I have a very short list - A)Baby Ull for baby gift sweater, B)Something for another Forest Canopy Shawl and if some great sock yarn finds its way into my bag - so be it!

Tomorrow is Molly's birthday (OMG!) and it is also National Talk Like a Pirate Day. AARGG...so she is having a Pirate Birthday party - mind you she is 23 years old. Her costume from Good Will is so perfect - a real wench! So mom will be leaving home so as not to inhibit the festivites. (this is my excuse to cruise for yarn stores!) I actually don't even want to be here. Luckily most participants are spending the night - way safer that way.

I guess I do have something to show - I picked as many as I could - am afraid of frost while I'm gone. But there are still many left to rippen - if they don't freeze while I'm gone I'll bring them in to get red in the window sills. Home grown tomatoes! (I actually am getting tired of them - can you imagine?)

I've been eating Eggplant, Zucchini, Corn, Green and Red peppers. The lettuce is mostly gone and I haven't dug the potatoes yet. I'm loving my garden. My Weight Watchers adventures loves it too - 1 1/2 pounds this week - not much but it's something. This next week being away from home will up the challenge...

Hope everyone is well!


Pat K said...

Mmmm, such beautiful gifts from the garden. And congratulations to the birthday girl!

Roxie said...

Yayy on the weight loss. A pound and a half a week is an excellent loss! Tired of home-grown tomatoes? Oh my gawd!

See you at OFFF. I'll be there early and plan on hanaging out under the oak between forays to the different shops. It looks like it will be overcast, but dry.

Rhonda said...

I have a few scarves on the needles right now. Must be that time of year. But choices are good. Keep me from buying MORE. lol

Rhonda the Stitchingnut