Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How cool is that – a Gold Medal!!

The knitting front seems a little boring these days now that it’s over! Unfortunately I don’t have a big project in the works – just finishing the EX socks and moving forward with the Nordic Mittens……which has taught me I don’t want to do an entire multi color-pattern sweater with this gauge of yarn any time soon.

But I do want to choose a big project – a sweater. I really like this
from Oat Couture – have had the pattern for a long time. Now to find the perfect yarn. I looked at Black Abbey – but it’s pretty expensive for me. I want something a little softer and with better drape than Brown Sheep. I don’t want a really dark color – you lose so much of the stitch definition in a dark color – but I don’t want pastel either. Maybe grey or a medium periwinkle or a heather something. Gosh I don’t know…..someone just give me some yarn to try!!
I did check out all the Sweaters from Camp – I like lots of them.
I know how about a Mountain Colors cardigan – the yarn is great and the colors are great…OK I’ll explore that.

I do think I will be going back to more reading – I haven’t really been a good book club person the last few months (Holiday knitting etc) so now is a good time to get back into it. Am enjoying The Birth of Venus.

Didn’t knit much last night – got into a four hour marathon of CSI re-runs – buried alive!!! Not much on tonight so will knit and maybe go to bed early and read – we’ll see!
Ttfn – Knit On!

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