Saturday, May 13, 2006


What a way to start a great weekend - halfway through mowing the lawn - the mower tire came off the wheel - how does that happen and how does a mechanically challenged woman fix it? Call the neighbor.....but still - as though I don't have enough to worry about.
Plus all the light bulbs in the kitchen burned out - all at once?
Plus I ripped the lace - I just don't like it and can't make it look like the pattern - even stretched - it's just too lacy and doesn't show the pattern. So it's gone to rest for awhile. Which is a good thing because I was overwhelmed by UFO's - I think I'm a one project at a time person - too many choices overwhelm me.
Luckily this weekend's weather is making all my choices for me - yard work. It is suppossed to be 90 degrees tomorrow - OMG it's still May!! My budget didn't include flowers this week so all my pots will have to wait til next week, but naturally there is still tons of weeding and prep work to deal with.
Marianne just called - the train from San Francisco is 3 1/2 hours late - so she won't be home til late this afternoon, then she'll have to be at work this evening - one tired puppy. Molly is working both today and tomorrow, but everyone will be here for dinner tomorrow. Mom's bliss!!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!! This is the best job I've ever had - I wouldn't trade for anything!! I am so fortunate to participate in the lives of these three incredible children. Sometimes I have to pinch myself - how did I do this?

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