Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wow Sockapalooooza Wow

They came - they came and I am so lucky!!!
The socks where hand knit for me - how do I know? The colors have my name all over them!! They are so perfect. I also smell like Plumeria (My all time fav) and am now munching on Chocolate - oh my gosh, I am a spoiled spoiled lady - and I deserve it!!
Thank you Abigail!!! (I even found her here) - I figured it out after the package arrived.

I have been dilegently working on my lace project - pictures will be a long time off. I'm doing better with the Crystal Palace needles - thanks for everyones suggestions. (BTW - I have a ton of stitch markers - but no cool beaded ones - hint hint daughters!) Both girls are gone for a few days - Marianne off the San Francisco on a school trip (totally paid for-how cool is that!) and Molly is in Eugene visiting the Magnificent 7!! So I get to eat salad and knit - now that is cool.


Pat K said...

So YOU got the Arizona socks!! How cool, because I told Abigail that they were the ones I liked best out of all the socks she had knit. Lucky, lucky you!

Rhonda said...

I love the colorway on the socks you got also. Ahhhh, beaded markers ... luxury markers to go with the delicate knitting of lace. I get it! Same way I feel about using my beaded counter for circular knitting (hehe). It's right where I can see it on my bookcase waiting for the next circ project.