Friday, May 26, 2006

Bad blogger

I have not been a very good blogger this week - just a ton going on outside of the knitting world.
On the knitting front - I've ripped out my socks for the last time. For some reason on the second sock I did the heel different then the first. Luckily I hadn't finished the first because I wanted to make sure I had enough yardage to complete the length on the second - I do. But I ended up ripping out both heels and starting over.

Did a little on the brown sweater while waiting for new brakes last weekend - always a good knitting time - sitting in the tire store while you'd rather be outside doing something constructive.

Which is what I have to do this weekend - and of course it's wet and raining with thunder storms predicted! Swell - so fun to mow the lawn, til the garden, plant the veggies, spray the Roundup and weedwack in the rain - but it has got to be done or I won't have veggies!!!

Marianne had her 17th Birthday yesterday. I ordered her a digital camera from an online retailer that I've ordered from before. The day it was to be delivered I got an e-mail saying the manufacturer is no longer stocking them (But when I called them on the phone to place the order - "no problem, it's in stock and we'll get it to you in 5 days" . The E-mail came 6 days later - so had to find something else when I had no time left - and pay for another camera while I waited for the refund for the first - I thought they couldn't charge you until it was shipped! All worked out but the stress level was high. She had a great birthday of course.

Yesterday I had oral surgery - fun - but got to knit while I was recooping at home. Luckily it wasn't very painful and I don't look like a chipmunk and I could go to work today.

Work is working out great. I think I've even found a place to stay during the week so I wouldn't always have to drive back and forth. This time of year it's fine - I enjoy the drive - but come winter in the dark and on the snow it might not be so much fun. So this will let me stay a night or two a week. The girls are so busy they can take care of themselves - they'll think it's cool to have a night or two on their own. I'm really liking the job - it's getting more and more interesting and I hope I'm making a difference. I've already promised Kevin I'd make him a pair of custom socks - he wants them over the knee so his riding boots don't rub - any suggestions from anyone?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - enjoy the extra day. I'm going to catch up on my blog reading too and I know I'll be knitting to get out of the rain!


Julia said...

Hi there - glad to hear work is going well and the daughter had a good birthday. I think Knitty had a pattern for a thigh-high stocking which could probably be adapted for your boss. That should be a fun challenge for you!

Rhonda said...

I think I saw a knee high pattern in one of my books ... I'll look 1st chance I get & let you know which book .... I'll get back to ya, Julie.

Rhonda said...

Hey, Julie I'm back. Found some great socks for you.Called John Anderson's Kilt Hose by Robert Jenkins... made for a man and you'll notice it goes up over the calf with a cuff that folds down [maybe even over boots] or you could just skip that part and put the ribbing over the knee. But looks great with the shaping. I knoticed that it's toe-up on 2 circular needles, which is how I do socks. Great for trying on as you go to be sure of the fit. Anyway, here's the link