Friday, May 05, 2006


OK - here is my Celtic Cardigan from Oak Couture - I wish the color of the Wool of the Andes came out better!! I'm following the pattern for a change - didn't convert to 'in the round' or anything...amazing. This is my long term project for now.

I do need some advice - since shawls are all the thing and I have a special someone to knit for (my mom's best friend and my second mother!) I thought that since she is such a classy lady that a hand-knit shawl in bright red would be just the thing. I've never done lace so am looking for a beginners pattern that will look wonderful! Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Oh I wish I'd joined the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Stash" KAL - what fun to see where it's been!!

This will definitely be a spring weekend - time to change all the bedding to cotton sheets and duvet cover - I love this process....first off comes the extra blanket - a few weeks ago. (But kept nearby just in case) Now off comes the flannel sheets and flannel duvet, to be exchanged for the cotton. I Love my cotton duvet cover - it has embroidered feathers in pastels - why didn't I buy the whole set?? The Down comforter stays for awhile longer - when it's warmer it too gets exchanged for a Nikken Kenko comforter - this really is my favorite. Don't know what it is about this "Ionic Comfort Technology" but it works and is wonderful!!! I just love the process - in reverse too!!
Also it is more gardening time - looks like I'm not working this weekend so will have plenty of time and no more excuses - get those weeds pulled!! I actually like pulling weeds - it's very theraputic!! So tonight I'll be get the sprinklers going so the flower beds are soft for pulling! The girls will be busy so guess I'll have to do it myself. Poor Marianne - she is a walking zombie - today was the AP History Exams (Might qualify as college credit if she passes - more than 1/2 the kids who take it don't pass and she doesn't think she will - it's History! She's a straight A student but AP History has been a challenge for her) and then tomorrow is the SAT's. Plus she works tonight and tomorrow night, plus she has been up late for ages studying. She be one tired girl and will be found in bed all day Sunday!
Molly is working too - so mom will be gathering blisters alone - oh well!
Hope you all have a glorious weekend and enjoy the spring!!

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Rhonda said...

I know how you feel about the change over to summer sleep wear ... I love my crisp white sheets and cotton comforter also. I also love being able to leave the window open slightly and see the green on the trees & hear the birds singing. Bet you do also.

I spent the day in the garden for 2 days now. Boy am I tired. Too tired to knit? Took my shower & my knitting awaits. *smile* Hey, wish I could help you with the shawl, but I'm too new at this also. But I like the sound of a "bright red" one! BTW the celtic sweater is coming along nicely. Happy knittng!