Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Circular knitting -

OK Knitters - I have this cool device to count rows when you are knitting circular - socks etc.

Each stand has loops that you move down as you go around the sock or whatever - I make them different lengths - short ones for short patterns and longer - like 12 loops too. I can't knit without them anymore - plus they are pretty.

I'd like to figure out how to market them if there is an interest - any ideas?

Did go to my LYS this weekend - forgot to take a counter - and spent way too much money as usual. Am knitting a vest for a Christmas present - beautiful Manos de Urugay yarn - I'll post picture when I get enough to photo. I've taken it out three times so far trying to get the gauge that I want. I'm kinda making up the pattern as I go along....knitting it in one piece til the underarm. I want a shawl type collar - so I guess I'll pick up the front borders when I have the body finished - not sure how to do the collar so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also - how do I format these pictures - really wanted the pictures on the left and the text on the right.....I'm new at this stuff.

Hope all is well with all!!



Pat K said...

I've never used row counters, but I imagine the day is coming when I will. I'm still learning how to manipulate the pictures, too. A lot of trial and error, and when it works, I think it's more luck than brains. Are you going into html to edit them?

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Pat - when knitting in the round - and knitting a pattern - row counters are a necessity for me - especially when there are more than 4 rows to the pattern. So the counters really work well. I do a lot of my sweaters in the round and they are especially helpful when I get to the raglan sleeve parts. I can't imagine knitting without them. I rarely use straight needles for anything these days.
Editing - I don't know enough about html anymore - used to use Front Page to design web pages - but have forgotten most of it so am trying to relearn again!!

Pat K said...

Julie, using the Blogspot picture upload feature, I tell it what size I want the picture and whether I want it right side, left side, etc. It always uploads it to the top of the post. I go into Edit html, copy the entire photo html entry, and paste it into the body of the post where I want it. I then delete the photo from the top of the post. I go back to compose, and between using Edit HTML, compose, and Preview post, I usually get what I'm after. Sometimes, though, I have to actually post the entry, go look at the actual blog, and then go back and use EDIT POST to get it exactly how I want it. Probably there are easier ways to do this, but this works for now.

Go to my site and email me if you want to discuss more options. All this figuring out is hard work!