Friday, November 11, 2005

New Hat

The hat is coming along - the yarn is a little rustic (which I guess if it's a Corps of Discovery - Lewis and Clark - replica - then it's ok. It has bits of straw in it once in a while. And of course the knot right where you don't want it. I may start over anyway because I'm not sure I did the short row wraps correctly when you come across all the stitches and pick up the wraps. It doesn't look right to me - leaves a big bump. Wasn't there an article in the last year or so in some knitting mag with pictures about short rows?? I use them all the time in my sweaters - but this just doesn't right. Luckily will have the entire weekend to figure it out.

The girls are both working this weekend so they will be busy. Molly is working at REI and they are opening a new store here next week - for those of you who don't know - REI is a really hip outdoor equipment store - started in Seattle years ago - very successful.

In Bend they (Developer not REI) tore down the old lumber mill that was Bends main reason for being and have built a beautiful retail area on the Deschutes River. Many of the original buildings have been converted to shops (The Old Mill District) - REI is in the original Power House for the mill - I understand it is really a spectacular building. We get to go to Friends and Family night next week before the big opening. Should be fun. We get big discounts that night too!!

Marianne is babysitting and then going to a on-the-job interview at a new Pizza place opening just down the street. She's going to work for the evening just to try it out I guess. They told her to stop in anytime and she could work for a few hours to see how she liked it!!

So it will be a quite knitting weekend for me - Oh yeah - I have to go to my LYS and get something Red for a vest I need to make - that's my Saturday adventure.

Will keep ya posted - ttfn

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