Friday, November 04, 2005

Things about me

One Hundred Things about Me

1. Knitting is my Sanctuary
2. My daughter used to call our Suburban our Sanctuary because we’ve spent wonderful time on road trips.
3. I’m an Oregon native – but love Montana
4. I have three awesome children
5. My mother died of Breast Cancer and my father has a girl friend already!
6. I have two jobs
7. I love one job and hate the other
8. I see mountains everyday
9. I’ve been single for ever it seems – which I really don’t mind.
10. I had natural red hair – but lost the color to my kids
11. I grow a big vegetable garden that I hate to weed.
12. I want to retire in Montana
13. If I could read and knit at the same time I’d be in hog heaven
14. I don’t like audio books
15. My sister is my best friend
16. I’m concerned what my life will be like when my children are all out of the house (two years and coming too fast!)
17. I don’t ask enough questions
18. I love chocolate and oranges together
19. I love my house – which is why I loathe the thought of moving anytime soon.
20. I belong to a great book club
21. I’ve read too many books to pick a favorite.
22. I love good literature – but enjoy a trash novel once in awhile.
23. I don’t mind cold snowy winters, but look forward to spring and summer
24. My daughter is bi-polar and she is an incredible young woman.
25. My son is a work-a-holic-geek –
26. My other daughter is a straight A student and as sweet as can be.
27. How did that happen?
28. I love the West. It’s people, it’s history.
29. I used to train birds of prey to return to the wild.
30. I used to be called ‘The Bird Lady”
31. I read a lot of ‘natural history’ books
32. I never remember a good joke.
33. I’ve had a home computer for 21 years.
34. I never moved until I graduated from college.
35. I love my car.
36. I had three best friends in High School and have no idea what they’re up to now – how sad,
37. I’m fortunate to have some wonderful friends – but they don’t live near me!
38. Only one of my friends knits and she lives in Montana
39. I’m a Gemini – and very typical
40. I am very optimistic and enthusiastic about what tomorrow may bring.
41. I am adventurous
42. I am not athletic and don’t get enough exercise.
43. I bought a road bike last summer with my tax refund.
44. I need to find a riding buddy to inspire me – Lance are you listening?
45. I love rivers.
46. I’m a flyfisherperson – don’t catch much but can cast far and accurately.
47. My favorite Christmas memory is listening to my parents drag presents down the hall on Christmas eve.
48. I love Christmas – bought my current home because I knew just where to put the tree.
49. I wish I had a boat.
50. My entire family is coming for Christmas and I can’t wait.
51. I miss my mom.
52. I miss my dad too – he’s alive but living in California.
53. I haven’t had any ice cream for almost two weeks.
54. I love to knit socks – instant gratification.
55. I bought a farm so I could finally have a horse
To be continued…..

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