Monday, November 28, 2005

An interesting Day

This day started out with no power - literally. M2 daughter woke me after her morning shower to say the power was out - so guess who didn't get a shower this morning? Then it started to snow....and snow....and snow. All day. Luckily the power came back on - but then just before I got home from work it went out again! While it was on the furnace repair guy made it here to get us heat - didn't do much good because the power went out just after he left. It was out for about 3 hours this evening so it was a great excuse to go out to dinner!

Knitting in the dark leaves all lot to be desired - I was grateful I didn't have to knit to have warm clothing! Here is what is on the needles today - Fixation - pretty cute socks for my father's lady friend.

So it's off to a warm bed tonight and a good rest. Hope the power stays on to keep us warm.

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