Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Visitors

OK - so no one has visited my blog yet - so am going to join a few knitting rings today...hopefully that will bring me some on-line contacts to share knitting stuff with!!

Finished Chelsea's mittens last night - there is a picture on one of my earlier posts, but I'll take a new one tonight IF I REMEMBER - too many senior moments these days.

Have started on a new pair of socks with Mountain Colors - I think these must be for me I like them too much! It's about time I get some warm socks!

At work now - bored and wish I were somewhere else - any ideas?


Morgan said...

How about the beach. I have been wanting to go for a while now. Just to much work and I don't Know what I would do once I got their.

Rick Olson said...

I visit your blog :) Since morgan told me about it... remember me?

I'm at work now too, bored and wishing someone were home so I didn't have to feel bored... but the great news is I just got a new water delivery...and it came with a new dispenser, which is really awesome looking! Cold and Hot water means I can have a refreshing drink after a vigorous jog, or a cup of hot tea after sitting in my cold, dark room for hours -- programming and writing comments on your blog.

Joan said...

I visit your blog!