Saturday, November 26, 2005

A weekend to knit!

Hurray - I don't have to go anywhere this weekend - the girls are working and I can sit here and knit - thank you! I still have half a vest, 1/3 of a hat and two pairs of socks to do before Christmas!! I've kinda of got knitters block though - I can't figure out how to finish the vest to my liking. I've got the bottom of the body finished and am ready to divide for the arm holes etc. Can't decide how to do the neck and front - 'V-neck'? Then how do I do a collar or button band. Maybe I just crochet around all edges with a contrasting color - black? I wish the picture would do the yarn justice - it's really pretty.

I almost wish I hadn't done a textured stitch - I think the color would have been better if I hadn't - oh well.

I did get some of the Christmas lights outside - we've been so socked in with freezing fog last week that it was just too cold to be outside - but it's lifted now and they say we'll have snow tonight. Wish I'd had time to get the rest of the leaves up - guess that will have to wait until after Christmas. We usually have an unseanabley warm spell in Feb - maybe I can do it then!! It's so easy to put things off isn't it?

Daughter M2 is really having a struggle these days. First her car needs about $2000 worth of work that we weren't anticipating - all things that should have been caught by the mechanic who looked at it last spring when we bought it - it's got a ton of oil leaks that have been there for years! So much for getting a friend to look at it before you buy.

Then her financial aid for school was cut by about 75% - That's a lot of money - what she got won't even cover all the tuition for one term! What are they thinking? So I don't know if she'll go back at all now......It just seems like it's one thing after another for her - always has been - what is it that stuffs all the hard stuff on one person and then then next seems to get it so easy! Especially since she's the one unequiped to deal with constant struggle! Hopefully it will just make her stronger.

Well enough for today - off to knit and see what I can complete today.
Happy weekend to all!

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