Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ramblings I guess...

Well the new REI store opened to Friends and Family last night - Daughter M2 works there - great store - they have really preserved the integrity of the old mill building. We got great discounts last night only so Daughter M3 got her Christmas present early - at least I know that she loves it and it fits! - What else could I ask for in a present for teenager! Had dinner with M3 , Son M1 and outlaw ex (OX) husband. (My childrens names all begin with "M" and for blog purposes decided just to number them - yes they are way more than a number to me - just want to protect the privacy thing a little!

Spent a huge amount of time at work checking out other peoples blogs (Very bored with boss gone I am way too efficient!)- really need to learn more HTML to tweak my template - especially since my profile is now at the bottom of the page...I did make a button.....

But it looks like I need to do a little work on the bottom text.....
Need a better font that will show up more...keep trying away.

Thanks Pat for the info about - a great place to learn more stuff. OK why can't I put that in as a link. Hey - I did it!!! Pretty tricky for me.

I did realize that a lot of the blogs are written by ---shall we say --- way younger folks than me and they often knit way cooler things than me (Oh my gosh are my kids thinking what is mom knitting for me now?) I've been knitting longer than most of them have been alive it seems. Oh well - just glad there are many who enjoy!

Quiet night here at home - ER and knitting - yippee! Have got to really start flying on those needles if I'm going to get everything done for Christmas. So better be off.

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Pat K said...

OK, where did you go to make the button? I like it, and I'd like to make one myself.

Also, love that REI stuff myself. We get the catalog - no store anywhere near us - it's that Arizona out in the boonies thing.