Thursday, November 10, 2005


Yippee - New yarn in the mail - which of course means I can't continue with socks for me - now it's socks for my Dad. He has diabetes and cold feet at night - and he likes cotton socks. So Cascade Fixation is it. Not very exciting - but it works. I think I will try a larger needle size this time to have them be less tight...make any sense. We will see.
Opps - it's not sock yarn - it's a kit for a a hat from the Imperial Ranch here in Central Oregon - Trouble is I don't have any 20" circular needles - but plenty of shorter ones and double points to make it work.... OK so how do I format this picture in the right place? Sorry!

The march to Christmas has begun - late but begun.

My entire family will be at my house this year - a big first!! It's about time. My mom recently passed away and so my family is up to spending Christmas somewhere else this year. Although my children and I have spent the Holidays here at home- my extended family has not. I am really looking forward to the chaos and not having to travel. When I purchased my home, one of the first things I thought of was - a great place for the Christmas tree - that was over 10 years ago!! So I have a lot of prep work to begin - despite the fact that I have tons of knitting to do! Too bad!

Beautiful sunny day here - but probably only in the 40's - winter is upon us I guess - mountains are full snow clad.


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Pat K said...

Dear Julie, saw your comment on Nona's blog. I'm a new blogger, too. Maybe we can figure this thing out together! Nona's little hat was really sweet. I need to save that pattern. I will be looking forward to reading your blog now too.