Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finished and ready to send away! Hurray!

I'm so excited about sockapoolza - the map is really cool. Now to figure out what to creative and have fun!

Since Olympics are only a week away I don't want to get really into anything - so have begun promised custom sized socks for Ex - can't believe I'm doing this. So while I've been waiting in offices and fretting the last week, I've got most of one sock finished.

I got all my yarn cards from Knit Picks that I ordered, plus the pattern for the sampler vest - I'll have to make some size additions - wish I were a 43"....but alas that's not the case. Haven't picked out the yarn yet either.

I am already for the Olympics - Scarf Style project in a pale pink - a little girly for me - but I need something a little dressier. I can't wait to start ---- it's just another excuse to sit in front of the TV!! I Love the Olympics anyway - wish they were more often than every 4 years.

Knitting has only been in Doctors offices the last week. As I've said before - M2 Daughter is bipolar and this has been the bottom of the curve - she has spent the last two nights in the hospital - asked to be taken there because she was afraid she would hurt herself. Home now with a solid plan for coping and adjustments in her meds and her schedule. I'm afraid school is going to be the loser this term - but that's OK as long as she is the winner! I don't mean to sound as though we're not taking this serious - we are - this is the third episode like this in the last three years - always January-February. It is very very scary and I think each time we've just escaped. As usual we are all full of promise now for healthy results. Since M2 is over 21 she has to be more responsible for her own health - there is only so much I can do. I think sometimes that my encouragement comes out like nagging and that can be a trigger for her. I am so fortunate that she is a really good person and that I do believe she has always been very honest with my and her health resources. The real key this time will be conscientious follow through.

So here's to more relaxed knitting!


Pat K said...

All right!! Glad you have come through the storm and are getting back to the sunlight, and more relaxed knitting!

Ann said...

She's lucky to have you for a mom. And you're lucky to have her too -- you'll bring out the best in eachother. Blessings on you and yours. And good knitting.

Oh, and I can't lay off the's my drug of choice ;)