Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

I started this:

Which should look like this:

But doesn't yet because it's so difficult - especially since the pattern isn't very specific about where to put the thumb gusset and how to adjust the stitch pattern to accomodate it....I spent a lot of time inputing the pattern to excel so I could place the gusset better in the pattern - but I just ended up winging it - I may rip and start over again but I have to rethink that - it was a lot of work to get this far. I'm also trying to figure out what is easier - one color in each hand or two in both - either way it's not very fast!! - so I'm taking a breather and continuing with the second sock of this....(Remember for the EX)

My washer finally came and obviously I did losts of wash - really does work better. Spins a lot better so shorter drying time!
I did abuse the old one before it left - I re-dyed a pair of faded black jeans - they are black and beautiful again!!

A quiet weekend - home made clam chowder on the burner and the last Olympic events tonight. Knit on and enjoy! Hope all out teams go for the Gold!!
(Isn't Apolo cute!!)


Pat K said...

Okay, you bring the clam chowder and I'll bring the tortilla soup and we'll have a tailgate party before the closing ceremonies.

Two color knitting? That's going to take more courage than I have right now. Looks great, though. And so do the socks. And don't wear out the new washer on the first weekend!

Rhonda said...

Nice work so far... I do the 2 color knitting with one in each hand. Have you done any crocheting? I keep in mind that my left hand is like crochet and I scoop up the yarn like if I was using a crochet hook in my right. The righthand finger carries my background color [or the main color] because I'm a thrower ... If you do Continental, it would be the opposite. But the crochet hook idea helped me to pick up the lefthand method more easily. Might help you also. Happy knitting!