Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New finds....

It’s 9:30 AM and already work is hectic for moments and then totally boring – I hate this job!!! I’m so fortunate to have a steady full time job (even though I hate it) and a really fun part-time job that I just love!! Why can’t it be the other way around? I expect that someday the part time position will work into full time – but that may be years away….there just isn’t the need yet. Check out Ranch at the Canyons web site and you will see why I love it so much – the scenery is only half of the good stuff!! Or you can go directly to the Living Gallery - much better. Sorry the site is so lame as far as how it operates - it is being redone after my complaining for years that it doesn't have to be this way...

I worked on my swatch for the Olympics last night – I’m not sure I can do this. I’ve done charts for simple stuff like short patterns on socks – but this is much more difficult and has no real repeats – well they are over like 30 rows or something. Not exactly something that I can memorize or write out easily. Plus I keep getting mixed up about right side and wrong side – it isn’t obvious when you start out of course……I’m sure it will be as I get more rows.

But of course for the Olympics I’m going to start over – after all this is just training and it doesn’t count for the actual event….I promise I’ll start over – not to difficult since I only have about 6 rows of 20 stitches done…pathetic for someone who has been knitting for years.

Color charts are so much easier – there is a pattern across the row – I can get those no problem, but this is way more difficult. I’m also concerned that I’ll have to really concentrate – I can’t watch skating and concentrate at the same time….so knitting my have to come while there is nothing on TV! There just isn’t time for all this – just get in there and knit!!

I still haven’t figured out what sweater to do next – the only thing in the queue for the future is my Sockapoloooza socks – that won’t take very long. I really want to knit a fair isle something. I do have problems picking patterns because 1) I love to knit in the round and don’t mind steeks – so am willing to modify patterns for that and 2) I’m not a size that most patterns accommodate – just a little over XL in most patterns (Yea I know – get out there and lose some weight – but I am what I am). So between the larger size and adapting to circular knitting I have to make changes to sweater patterns for me – so I have to choose carefully. I actually like this one a lot and I wouldn’t have to make any adjustments – We’ll just have to see.

I should be getting a tax refund soon – and after I purchase a new clothes washer (Yuck) some of it will go to Yarn Therapy – so maybe the above will be added to the queue. I’ve done a Philosophers wool fair isle that I loved – but really want something a little finer gauged…more work I know – but more fun!

Oh my gosh – while looking up the Philosophers wool URL I found this – Mari’s Sweaters - right in my back yard – over the mountains anyway. These are great looking patterns. I’ll have to check them out. I’d forgotten about Bryson Knits – I’ve used their yarn in the past and did a great sweater with it…..hum – more to ponder. There’s actually a lot of neat stuff on the Bryson Home Page – links to all kinds of patterns from various designers – but alas no Fair Isles!

OK enough for today – I really do have work to do!!
Knit on!!

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Rhonda said...

You live in beautiful country, Julie! Thanks for you encouragement on my Blog about the fair isle. I picked the one I did because of ALL the colors... I like a lot of splash sometime, LOL. Identify your front from back by tying a very colorful contrasting color yarn to the BACK of you knitting.... that way you always notice which side you're on at a glance. Move it up as you go if you have to. Good luck with the Olympics, knitting friend :)