Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What a Beautiful Day

Sorry this picture isn't better - especially the power lines - This is the Three Sisters and what I look at everyday. Central Oregon's signature.

I was cruising knitting blogs last night - (nothing good on TV to knit with) and was struck by how productive everyone seems to be.....they must have way more time on their hands. I stay up late as it is just to knit a few more rows.

I was also stuck by all the 20 something knitters - this is so neat to see! Knit on ladies. Wish I could get my daughters to knit more - although M2 has knitted a little - see previous posts - it is such good therapy!

I'll be back - have to reboot....

1 comment:

Pat K said...

Egad! How gorgeous! And snow! Real snow! I haven't seen that since last June, in Utah. How lucky you are to see this everyday.