Friday, February 17, 2006

Weather update

Remember I worked in my garden last weekend - now it's 7 degrees and to love it! Knitting opportunity!


Rhonda said...

Ahhh, a happy knitting day! I took a vacation day today & it's raining with possible snow tomorrow. That's three happy knitting days at least (we rest on Sunday right?) and a Monday holiday thrown in. Housework? What housework? :)

If it snows, we might not be going to the baby shower.... it's a 1 1/2 hour drive when it's NICE out.

Shelley said...

I was just reading your post about moving pictures around...not sure if anyone has given you an answer or not as I didn't read the comments. However, all I do is when I upload it to my post (it usually appears at the top of the post), I just click on the picture so that I see the little "box" around it...might have little squares along the edges in various places like the corners, and then I double click it to 'grab hold' of it and then just move the mouse so that I am dragging the picture to where I want. Hope that helps some.