Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here I am

Not very far I'm afraid - but will sprint this weekend. This is what I get for changing events!!
Just wish the colors were better for the pictures. It really needs more Orange to be "Yellowstone"

I wish I could figure out how to move my pictures on the page - in the place and order that I want them.......

See that little beaded string on my needles - this is the best tool - I made it - it is a stitch counter for circular needles and it works great every time!! You just keep it on the needles somewhere you want to start counting and then move it up a spot for each row you do. I put it at the end of the last needle - that way I know what to start next - works great and I couldn't knit without it!!

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Going to be nice socks, Julie!

Say, I've never seen a counter like that. You made it you say? Did you have a pattern or directions on how to make it? I've got beads ... but don't know where to begin. I use circs a lot & it sure would come in handy as you say. I need to see a close up of your picture... maybe I can figure it out & make one after the Olympics.
Happy knitting!