Saturday, February 18, 2006

One sock down - one lap to go

High Desert Sunset on a very cold (10 degrees) evening. Beautiful but cold. More opportunity to Knit. I've got one sock finished and one to go - but won't be grabbing my board - just concentrate on the finish!!

Hope everyone is having a better weekend then me - it started it out with everything going wrong to disrupt my plans. The new washer is on backorder and won't be here til next weekend. The new light I got for my 'village' room? The switch started spitting smoke last night and the store is closed on Saturday! And to top it all off I made a bad mistake in my check book - my bank enjoyed notifiying me of that I'm sure. Of course if they hadn't taken the charge for the washer out until it was delivered this wouldn't have all my savings for buying at a 'big box' store have gone to overdraft charges - I hate it when that happens! I usually balance my check book every other day or so - I live to close to the edge to not do it that way - and it seems I transposed a number....what a drag - but it will all work out I suppose - it's just frustrating on top of everything else!

Plan on staying in my PJ's as long as possible tomorrow and knitting and doing as little as possible. Don't have Monday off so have to make the most of my time!!

Happy knitting everyone! Go Team USA


Rhonda said...

Oh dear, what a DAY ... I hate it when that happens. Well you're taking it with a positive attitude I see and that is GOOD for the knitting. Keep warm and hang in there!

Rhonda said...

Yup, i'm in the Boston area. So you went to school here, huh? Small world ... I work at M.I.T. which is in Cambridge and live in Salem on the North Shore of MA. Love it there! The pictures of your view are beautiful. I use to live in Colorado Springs & LOVED the view of Pikes Peak mountain. Hope you stayed warm this weekend & got all the knitting done that you wanted. I'm almost to the shoulder bind off. Tonight's the night, I hope ....