Friday, February 24, 2006

Turkish Skater

I don't get this at all - Tugba Tarakemir is the womens skater from Turkey. There are only two skating rinks in Turkey, so her family gives up thier comfortable life and moves to Canada so she can train and pursue her skating. The family has a difficult time with getting jobs primarily because of the language - but they stick it out. Father moves back to Turkey so he can work and support his family.
Tugba goes to the Olympics - what an accomplishment. Mom is still in Canada working - can't afford to go to Olympics to watch her daughter.
That's probably a senario for many families of Olympic contenders - but the part I don't get it is - "She had to work and couldn't watch her event on TV".....what? - what is the matter with her employeer. You'd think the community would rally and support this poor woman. I'm appalled and saddned by the sacrificies that families must make to support thier talented kids. I'm sorry that she has to work for someone who has no sense of family. What a way to treat people.
Go Turkey!!

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