Monday, February 13, 2006

Change of Event

OK - so I blew it – I failed at my first Olympic event – I didn’t even complete the course – due to equipment failure! This is what happens if you don’t practice enough before the event. I did swatch before the opening ceremonies, but I just didn’t do enough repeats of the pattern. I cast on on Friday and realized that my yarn just wasn’t going to cut it – after doing 6 repeats (loops around the course) the result is too stiff. The yarn just has no drape – so out I go….

But – before the games I ordered some new sock yarn from this wonderful place – Angelika's - she carries tons of Lorna’s Laces. The color is Yellowstone (My favorite place) and it is perfect for my sockapalooza pal – just the colors she asked for. Plus when my order promptly came the next day, enclosed was the pattern for the “Breast Cancer” socks – with the bows on the side. So in honor of my Mom who passed away last April from Breast Cancer, I’m going to do these for my Olympic Event and my sockapalooza project. I hope the Olympic Committee will allow a substitute entry – I may not be Michele Kwan but they did set a precedence there….and Brode Miller switched equipment just before the downhill – but unfortunately it didn’t help him win!

So I am officially requesting a change – of course now I am more than qualified for Team DPN – since my socks will not be on circulars…..and there is a challenge here – I have less time and I’ll still have to carefully read the pattern to get the ‘bows’ correct. I will get to use my new magnetic lap board that I purchased on Saturday to hold my scarf pattern in place so I could read the rows. I bought a strip of magnetic tape and cut to the size of the board – then covered with cute paper (It came pre sticky) – and it works just great. Hold my pattern in place and I can mark the row I’m on with the magnetic strip.

It was a glorious weekend here – warm enough to work in the garden for a little while and take a short hike. Had a “girl friend” Saturday with a nice dinner out. Even went to the LYS (She knew NOTHING about the Knitting Olympics - can you believe it!) - I purchased "Sweaters from Camp" Hope to do one as my big project for the year - but want to turn one of the patterns into a cardigan - will have to do some figuring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Relaxed and watched the Olympics and Knitted – what more could I ask for? Now I’ll have to sprint to catch up!

Knit on and go for the Gold!

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Rhonda said...

Go Julie Go! You can do it!! Knit, knit, knit... you're still in the game if the Olympics isn't over yet. Thank goodness I don't have to use the magnifiers for my whole project... I won't be caught dead on the train with them on, LOL. I use them mostly for cross stitch & embroidery, AND I wear glasses...but I found them invaluable working with a dark colour yarn. Tough getting old, huh? Hang in there with your knitting & have fun.