Thursday, February 23, 2006

Book Club

I can't believe it - I didn't knit a stitch yesterday - had to rest after the hard race!! Got out to a few different venues though!!

Had Chocolate and Wine at book club - Oh yea and a great dinner!!
We are going to read The Birth of Venus - it looks interesting - and I PROMISE to read this time. Now that the Holiday Knitting and the Olympic training and sprint are over I can read.

A note to my Book Club Ladies - I just want you all to know how much I appreciate your friendships - I look forward to visiting, sharing stories of our college daughters and all the adventures in our lives. Thanks for being there to listen to my occasional rantings - I really do appreciate it!!

Daughter M2 is going to visit friends for a few days so am looking forward to a less stressful weekend. My washer is coming on Saturday...wish the light were - it really blew out last night - you can't turn it off at all. I was afraid it would catch fire so I took it outside - wish it had rained!!

Tonight will be watching Sasha skate and finishing a pair of socks I started earlier.

Hope all are getting closer to the gold - I wish you well!!


Jenn said...

I'm so jealous that you have a lovely book club! I've been wanting one here for years, and can't find one. I like the idea of the online ones, but find it so easy not to read the book - after all, who will know?

Rhonda said...

Didn't knit a stitch?! I can't even imagine... ahhh, but you're a reader. I noticed from you book-list that you read "The secret world of bees." I'm reading that right now. But the only time I can spare is when I climb into bed. Otherwise, knitting takes over my life [when I'm not working that is, haha]. I know what you'll be doing today. Enjoy the new washer! :)